My muse doesn’t speak to me anymore…

Is it something I said? Did I offend you in anyway? Why don’t you reach out to me anymore? Did I mischaracterise you? Did I put too much out there about my perception of us…did I offend you? Did I expose us and the intricacies of our intimacy and you saw that as betrayal? YourContinue reading “My muse doesn’t speak to me anymore…”

The boy in the darkness.

For the longest time, I’ve scathed and crawled and writhed and scratched, trying to find the answers. I seek them out so vehemently to no avail in other places , for I know where they lie and I would rather die than tread close; For the longest, longest time, I’ve asked myself the same questions,Continue reading “The boy in the darkness.”

The catalyst for an eternity of never knowing what you could have been:

He whispered to her darkness and she embraced him; he said exactly what she wanted to hear; She related to his brokeness; bonded him to the wounds they shared to keep him wrapped in the comfort of his own undoing; He made love to her pain; With each stroke she reveled in her insanity, delvingContinue reading “The catalyst for an eternity of never knowing what you could have been:”

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